Ten Ways to Love Yourself on Valentine’s Day and Beyond

1. Listen in to your heart everyday to discover how you can love yourself and let go of trying so hard and live life one step at a time.

You can use the meditation, Listening in to the Wisdom of Your Heart, that’sin your Inner Peace and Purpose Starter Kit. If you don’t know where it’s gone to, search for “Annie Notestein” in your email’s inbox.

2. Notice when you are judging or criticizing yourself

Is this really helping you to do something even better? If it is, then perhaps there’s a tiny bit of value in all that criticism.

If you want to learn from what you may have done wrong, get out your journal and write down what you’ve learned. Then, remember it’s not possible to be perfect all the time – you are human.

3. If you aren’t sure whether to say something to someone or not, ask yourself, “Is it true?, Is it necessary?, Is it kind?” Pause after each question and wait for the answer to arise from your inner wisdom.

Using these questions will help you to look outside your own perspective to include the bigger picture and the other person’s possible point of view. These questions can keep you from regretting what you’ve said the instant you’ve said it. They will help you to be kind, foster your own self-respect and trust in yourself, and perhaps even be kinder to yourself.

4. Here’s a quote for you that I love: As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live 

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I find this a wonderful quote to ponder. So, how can you trust yourself – in this moment? How can you trust yourself today?

Live the 5 agreements (5 – 9 listed below) by don Miguel Ruiz. I have fine-tuned these for you.

5. Be impeccable with your word

When you are asked to do something you can ask yourself, is it true that I want to do this? Is it necessary that I do this? Is it kind to myself to do this? Then, answer from these truths.

6. Don’t take anything personally

I often find that I need to remind myself of this when I find someone’s behavior to be unkind or even hurtful. You may even want to post these words somewhere where you’ll see them as a reminder for yourself.

7. Don’t make assumptions

Don’t jump to the assumption that you need to say “Yes” right away. It’s OK to say you want to think about it for a few hours or a day. Then, stay in integrity and get back to the person with your answer when you said you would.

8. Always do your best

Women who have difficulty saying “No” and sensitive women often excel at this already. My question for you is, which of these ways to love yourself on Valentine’s Day and beyond do you want to pick to focus on developing in yourself? Then, do your best.

9. Be skeptical, but learn to listen

Be especially skeptical of what your self-talk is saying to you.

10. Enjoy love and support – for you!

Pick something you’re going to do that nice for yourself today or this coming week. I’m going to buy some raspberries, the first of the spring season, and savor their rich red color and flavor.

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