The Merry Month of May

I adore May. I can finally partake in my favorite past time of enjoying the spring ephemerals (the flowers that bloom, fade, and disappear by the time most of the trees have fully leaved-out). It’s that between-time; between the cold of early spring or the warmth of rain in April and the sudden heat of June.

May feels decidedly romantic and is the month idolized in Thomas Dekker’s poem, The Merry Month of May. My husband and I return to taking long walks in the forest and pointing out the tiny, beautiful wildflowers to each other.

So, what will you do this month to make your life merry? What new growth would you like to foster within yourself – that will bring you incredible joy and wonderful memories that will continue to warm and nourish you when the cold returns in fall?

So, what will you do to make your life merry – today, in May, the rest of the year? Make a list that makes you smile and place it where you can look at it each day. Then, make sure you achieve every one!

Try it and see what results you get. Then let me know what happens for you. I love hearing from each of you!

To your mirth this month,


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