Success Stories

Annie’s Clients’ Success Stories

SONY DSCAnnie’s coaching has helped me to create a vision for the life that I want to have. By doing this, I have been able to identify areas of my life that needed changing and Annie coached me through the process of making practical goals. I have been able to complete a lot of unfinished projects that I didn’t realize were sapping my energy. Already, I am making more time for myself and feeling more relaxed and energetic. Thanks!

~ Caroline Kramer, MD

The Essentials for The Best Year Of Your Life Coaching Program showed me what was keeping me off balance, worried, and wondering what other people thought of me.

I have learned to take care of my own needs and look for what’s right in my daily life by journaling and connecting with my heart.

Annie has helped me to work through issues that felt stuck and used up too much of my energy, often leaving me tired and frustrated.

I have been able to leave struggle behind and it has been an empowering journey.

I now have tools I can use to get back on track when I need to and I have the confidence, calm, and high self-esteem I was looking for.

My home is now completely organized and I feel comfortable and confident with other people.

Annie has been very supportive and has taught me empowering tools I enjoy using!

~ Cathy, Stay-at-Home Mom

Annie’s coaching really helped me connect with what I want out of life, helped me to become more organized, and set up a schedule to get things done and no longer procrastinate. Annie also helped me to find out what I really want in my work life as a future goal.

~ Gail Sandow, Large Corporation Retiree

Annie’s support and encouragement helped me move out of a period of being stuck and operating on automatic pilot back to a joyful life filled with energy and enthusiasm.

~ M.S., Retired Teacher

You have a very warm presence that I feel safe in.

~ David G., Massage Therapist

Before I embarked on the Courage Coaching Program, life felt kind of humdrum, I felt unmotivated and like a coach potato; I was enjoying life but I wasn’t inspired. I often said “Yes” at work to make everyone happy when I wanted to say “No”.

I was working on planning an international trip but every time I thought about it, I felt trepidation and it seemed that the trip itself would be very stressful.

Now, I have more energy, stronger self-confidence, and am saying “No” more often at work which is helping me to feel a lot more secure and good about myself.

I’m glad to say that I enjoyed getting my trip planning started while working with Annie and the trip turned out to be awesome. I am now much clearer about what I want out of life and I now have spiritual tools that I use to feel more courageous and confident when I need it. I feel a lot more comfortable, courageous and I’m having more fun!

Annie is very easy to talk to and was a great coach throughout the sessions.

~ Brenda F., RN Hospital Supervisor

Annie’s Teaching:

Step Into the Life of Your Dreams by Annie Notestein

You changed my life! I was at a crossroads in my life and didn’t know which way to proceed. Annie helped me to find out who I really am and what I want for my life.

~ Lee, Artist

This workshop helped me to start to see a different way of looking at life – a more positive, hopeful way.   

~ Caroline Kramer, MD

I highly recommend this workshop. It helped me open up and visualize ideas for implementation in real life.  

~ Gisela Moffit, Retired Professor

Connecting with the Power of Your Soul Workshop by Annie Notestein

Annie is a natural facilitator.

~ Kathleen Marks, Massage Therapist

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

The sessions felt comfortable – like conversations with friends – where everyone was welcome and encouraged to share. What surprised me was how much I gained with such a small time investment.

~ Anne Sturtevant, Bead Business Owner, Bead Artist and Technical Writer

Annie’s insight and calm demeanor helped lead the way to the rejuvenation of my creative self. This class brought many unexpected gifts to my life and I would highly recommend it!

~ Kim Zielke, M.D. and Yoga Instructor

I am now more productive than before the course. Annie asked the right questions and helped you find your individual answer.

~ Blue Dingman, Artist

Your Heart’s Desire by Sonia Choquette

VictoriaSladek (2)
You have helped change my life tremendously, especially by inspiring creativity and challenging me to address the areas where I need to grow.

~ Victoria Sladek, Massage Therapist