Self-Esteem Starter Kit

Steps 1 and 2

This week’s Kit teaches Steps 1 and 2 to raising your self-esteem.

Step #1: Assess your self-esteem by identifying what areas of your life your self-esteem is good and what areas of your life you most want to raise it so you can decide where you want to be enjoying more of self-esteem’s life-transforming benefits: peace of mind, confidence, and joy.

Click to take the How’s Your Self-Esteem? Assessment

Step #2: Know who you are – whether you’re a people-pleaser or a highly sensitive person – or both. Knowing this will help you to no longer feel alone. When you feel alone, your self-esteem is most vulnerable. And knowing and expressing who you truly are, without people-pleasing, is absolutely essential to your self-esteem.

Click to take the Are You A People-Pleaser? Assessment

Click to take the How Sensitive Are You? Assessment

I’d love to hear from you what you discover with these assessments.

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