How’s Your Money Relationship?

What is your relationship with money? Does it come over and walk through your door when you invite it in or do you have to work hard to get it to even look your way, much less come home with you?

If you would like more money in your life, it’s necessary to become aware of how you view money and what your relationship with it has been up to now.

If having enough money to meet your expenses or increasing your income when you’ve wanted to has ever been difficult for you – if it feels like you are coming up against an invisible wall that’s keeping that money away from you – then there may be more than external circumstances keeping you from experiencing the financial abundance you desire.

Your beliefs about what’s possible for you may be affecting your finances.

To illustrate this, I’d like you to try this exercise: get out your checkbook and think about writing a check for a large amount of money. Then double that. Double that again. I want you to be thinking of a huge amount of money – an amount you don’t even have right now.

What thoughts come to you as you ponder writing this check?

What sensations do you feel in your body? Where do you feel them? In your stomach? In your head or neck? How strong are these sensations?

Now, I want you to imagine going to your mailbox, opening it, and finding a check for the same amount; made out to you! Or, better yet, if you have a business, imagine a happy customer or client giving you this check. Or, your pleased employer giving you this check as a special bonus for your fine work.

What thoughts come this time? What physical sensations do you experience?

Try these exercises for yourself. I’d love to hear any aha’s you discover.

Wishing you a prosperous money relationship,


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  1. Mariah says:

    Great insights Annie!

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