Are You (Too) Sensitive?

Have you been told that you’re “too sensitive”? Did you feel that that person just didn’t understand you at all and that they were being insensitive to the situation and to you?

If you’ve been in this situation over and over, you actually are not alone!

There is even a name for this trait, called the highly sensitive person or HSP.

Elaine Aron, a research psychologist, herself an HSP, has done quite a bit of research on the trait and has interviewed and surveyed thousands of people to help her define the trait and get a clear picture of the challenges experienced by highly sensitive people. She’s written many books on the subject.

Highly sensitive people (as you may already know if you recognized yourself immediately in the title of this article) are highly sensitive to their environment, other people, and their own inner world.

They may experience challenges with being overwhelmed by too much stimuli that the non-highly sensitive person actually enjoys. A good example of this is being in a large group or crowd.

I am a HSP and although I love art fairs, I make sure that I go early or late in the day when the crowds have thinned to a much smaller number of people and I can enjoy talking to the artists whose work I especially admire.

Are you wondering if you are sensitive or highly sensitive? You can sign up to receive a self-test in my Inner Peace and Purpose Starter Kit that will help you determine how sensitive you are.

I am very excited to announce to you, my readers, that I am changing the focus of my coaching business. I am now specializing in working with sensitive and highly sensitive people.

The new name of my coaching business is Sensitive Soul Expression Coaching [It’s now Inner Peace and Purpose]. This decision has not been easy for me. Doing this requires me to step even further out of my comfort zone and into expressing who I truly am.

I came to this decision, not by thinking about it, but by discovering what my life purpose is.

And I discovered my life purpose by taking a course on how to coach people to discover their life purpose. Of course, I needed to discover what mine is before I could help my clients discover theirs.

One facet of our purpose is what we are here to do for others. It’s called our blessing. I discovered that my blessing is to “teach sensitive women and men to love themselves and return to soul-inspired lives”.

So please join me in stepping more fully into who you truly are.

Love and sensitivity,


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